LinuxWorld: Don’t Like FUDforum? Give phpBB a Try

“Ever buy something and then spend the next few weeks
researching other products to see if something better was out
there? In real life, that’s called neurosis. To a product reviewer,
it’s called a job. I did my job this week by looking for some BBS
or forum software that might be better than FUDforum 2.3, the
software I chose to use for my non-profit Web sites. (I wrote about
version 2.3.2 in my last article, but the latest version of
FUDforum is now 2.3.3, which includes several minor bug fixes.)

“I placed only a few conditions on the prospective software: it
had to be available under the GPL or some similar license, and it
had to use Apache, PHP4, and MySQL. The reason for these
requirements should be intuitive. The GPL is the creme-de-la-creme
of open source licenses, and Apache, PHP4 and MySQL is the most
popular combination for Web applications support…”


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