LinuxWorld: Everyone wants to see Linus

“Linux creator outlines his plans for the free OS”

“Though most attendees to the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
being held this week here in San Jose, CA, will tell you it’s the
technology that brought them here, the show’s biggest draw isn’t
software or hardware or even vaporware. It’s clearly and
undoubtedly the public appearances of Linux’s creator, Linus

“The last-minute addition of Torvalds to a public open
source-strategy session sent LinuxWorld conference organizers
scrambling yesterday to expand the size of the venue, and it left
the undisputed leader of the Linux movement a bit sheepish about
his undeniable drawing power at this, the biggest Linux conference
ever. “I shouldn’t have agreed to do this,” he said, voicing
concern about the work his addition had unintentionally created for
show organizers.”

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