LinuxWorld: Getting started with StarOffice under Linux

“Learn how to install both the single-user and multiuser

“From downloading to installing to configuring, find out how to
make StarOffice work for you on the desktop or across the

“The word free always catches the consumer’s eye. As it has with
Java and Solaris, Sun announced that it would also make the
cross-platform StarOffice suite available for free as a Microsoft
alternative. Sun recognized the potential success of and demand for
StarOffice late last summer when it acquired Star Division, the
German software company that created the office suite.”

“On August 31, 1999, Sun announced that StarOffice would be free
to download; By early March of this year, over 1.6 million people
had downloaded StarOffice… Here we focus on the actual
installation of StarOffice and getting it up and running for both
single-user and multiuser installations.

“Minimum hardware and software requirements Before going to the
trouble of downloading the StarOffice software or purchasing the
CD, you should make sure you have the minimum hardware and software

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