LinuxWorld: Introducing iceSculptor – Chilliware’s desktop publisher shows promise and immaturity

“Chilliware actually tries to make money from Linux
applications. The company’s model is similar to the one Corel used
until recently. Chilliware is developing its own Linux distribution
and selling closed-source applications for revenue generation. That
model failed for Corel, but a slightly different approach from a
more nimble competitor may yield different results….”

“There are two products from Chilliware that I have desperately
wanted to try since last August. They are Nexxus, the
still-vaporware-but-often-promised contact manager, and
iceSculptor, which claims to be the first real Linux desktop
publishing program. (It should be noted that CorelDRAW has been
around a lot longer than iceSculptor.)”

“My editor sent me the Chilliware software. The CD came with
Mohawk (an Apache configurator), Mentor Pro (a documentation
creator), and iceSculptor. I inserted the CD, watched it automount,
and clicked on the click-me.html file in the root of the CD. Then I
clicked on the iceSculptor dynamic option to install the program. I
am running KDE2, and when I chose the product, KDE automatically
started kpackage and promptly informed me that I had to be root to
install the program. D’oh! I knew that. Really.”

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