LinuxWorld: Mainstream Games on the Linux Desktop

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What reasons do you feel the games industry has for not
supporting Linux at this time?

Ryan Gordon: Financial reasons, and FUD.
First, the market is tiny, that’s a given, and that’s enough to
drive most companies away by default. Second, those who make
decisions don’t really understand Linux, and their brief
interactions with rabid Linux zealots don’t help. I get cc’d on all
sorts of crazy e-mails Linux users send to game companies.
Frequently I hear game producers say that they don’t want to think
about Linux because of the tech support issues. Heaven forbid they
have to respond to a flood of people who have swooped in and
inconvenienced them by purchasing their product! Seriously, at this
point, you can train your tech support to deal with Linux by
saying, ‘We don’t support that…’ People are happy to have a Linux
port at all, and Linux users tend to be tech-savvy at this point…
by the time Linux users are the AOLers and grandmas of the world
and need tech support, it shows that you’ve actually got a large
enough market to make it worth it. It’s a self-fulfilling


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