LinuxWorld: Myth II: Soulblighter

“Rawn Shah shares his opinions and gaming tips.”

“This is one of the few games (the other being Quake) that
proves that 3D games on Linux can work well.
An amusing
footnote to my review is that, about a week after putting the game
through its paces for this article, I turned the Linux machine on
which it had been installed into a firewall. I really didn’t want
to play the game from the beginning all over again to check certain
points, so I decided to try to see how well it worked running
simultaneously with the firewall. I am pleased to report that it
ran just as smoothly with the packet filtering of the firewall on
in the background.”

“Even given that the firewall only filters my small 10 Mbps
Ethernet LAN of 12 nodes to a 786 Kbps DSL line out to the
Internet, I was surprised at the performance level it could
maintain. That’s certainly something I couldn’t do with a Windows
98 box running the same game.”

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