LinuxWorld: Napster, Gnutella, and Internet guerrillas

Napster and MP3.com were easy targets for music industry
lawyers. But the latest generation of music programs may force the
industry to change in order to accommodate online

“During the American Revolution, the British army had fits
because the colonials refused to fight by the rules. It was like
the Marquis of Queensbury caught in a dark alley by gangbangers,
the Geneva Convention versus the WWF’s Texas Death Match, Anita
Bryant singing the national anthem and meeting Bone Thugs N Harmony
at The Crossroads.”

“A similar revolution is taking place on the Internet today.
This time, the fight is between the music industry’s corporate
legal teams and that most ubiquitous group of folk, the ones known
as Netizens. It’s just as lopsided and mismatched as the American
Revolution was. Those pesky dweebs on the Internet are into sex,
drugs, and rock and roll. Worse yet, they just don’t play fair —
not by the old rules, at least.”

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