Linuxworld: Nicholas Petreley — The Penguin’s choice awards

Thanks to S.Ramaswamy
for this link.

“Software old or new, open source or closed — all good Linux
stuff is eligible to win.”

“Nick Petreley explains his long silence, and solicits reader
nominations for the first-ever LinuxWorld Editors’ Choice Awards,
to be given out at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Jose in August.”

“There’s a good reason why you haven’t seen the Penguin Brief
around here lately. I’ve been installing and testing a load of
software in order to help judge it for the LinuxWorld Editors’
Choice Awards. Since there are only two full-time editors at
LinuxWorld, we have invited all of our writers and contributors to
participate in the product selection process. It’s always better to
get several viewpoints instead of just one or two.

“I also very much want your input…”

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