LinuxWorld: Staking out a WorkSpot

“Now in beta, WorkSpot promises to let you work on Linux
applications from any Net-connected computer anywhere — possibly
even for free.”

“You’re scheduled to give a make-it-or-break-it presentation to
a venture capital firm at 8 a.m. on Tuesday. So you’re up all night
Monday creating your slides using StarOffice Impress. By the time
you finish, you realize you don’t even have a minute to copy them
to your laptop (which has a nearly dead battery anyway) and still
make yourself presentable. Oh well. A little later, you’re a block
from the VC’s office, when you remember that you didn’t save the
last bunch of changes you made, and your cleaning service people
always manage to knock your PC’s power plug out of the wall socket
when they vacuum on Tuesdays. Are you feeling like a complete loser
yet? Au contraire. When you get to the VC’s office, you open a Web
browser on one of their Macs, log in to your virtual workspace,
save the presentation file, and run that slide show. Applause (and
piles of cash) follows.”

“… The groovy thing about WorkSpot is that the applications it
provides are Linux applications, and you can control them in your
personal Linux desktop from any Internet-connected platform running
any major desktop operating system. WorkSpot is still very much in
beta, but it’s already highly functional. The full service,
according to WorkSpot CEO Kathy Giori, will be in place by

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