LWN: Python-dev summary, August 16-31, 2000

“David Ascher announced the first beta release of ActivePython
1.6, build 100. “ActivePython contains the convenience of swift
installation, coupled with commonly used modules, providing you
with a total package to meets your Python needs. Additionally, for
Windows users, ActivePython provides a suite of Windows tools,
developed by Mark Hammond.”

“The current plan is to release Python 2.0b1 around Monday,
Sept. 4. This represents a slip of about a week from the previously
planned date. The release is *very* close now, since the flurry of
patches is now focusing on cosmetic matters such as READMEs and
NEWS files. At this point, 2.0 is considered to be in feature
freeze; any PEPs that haven’t been rejected outright will have to
be postponed until Python 2.1 (or whatever the next version is

“comp.lang.python.announce is finally back! Only a single
moderator was named in the CFV for c.l.py.a, and he’s been busy or
otherwise difficult to contact for a long time, so the newsgroup
has been effectively dead. The problem has now been solved, by
giving Mailman the ability to gateway a mailing list to a moderated
newsgroup and creating a list of moderators who can approve
postings. Submissions should be sent to .”