Mac Fans Disappointed in GTK+ Port

“Those wanting to run Linux apps on their Mac desktops now have
reason to rejoice — sort of. The GTK+ software development
framework has been ported to Mac OS X, so it’s now possible to
install and run GTK+ applications on your Mac. But there are some
hang-ups. Your apps will look out of place, won’t use standard OS X
tools and play havoc with system-wide tools like Expose or the

“GTK+ is cross-platform toolkit for application development.
It’s most heavily used in the GNOME environment on LINUX, but it
will run elsewhere, including OS X. If there’s a GTK+ app (like
GIMP, shown above) that you’ve been missing on OS X, this is
probably your best bet. So far though, judging by the over 200
comments on this Reddit thread, the reaction from the Mac community
seems to be overwhelmingly negative. Which is too bad since the
GTK+ team has put a lot of effort into the port.

“The problem is that while the underlying framework works well
enough to provide base functionality, the experience of using it on
a Mac is dreadful. Even very basic platform interface elements have
not been ported — menus are attached to the window rather than the
typical toolbar along the top of the screen. We aren’t going to
argue about which is the better UI paradigm, but a true port should
at least use the conventions of the platform.


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