Mac-Tips.com: Macworld SF 2000: OS X

“OS X, the next system to be released, will feature
“state-of-the-art plumbing” and “killer graphics”, according to
Steve. It’s been designed for the Internet from the start. There
will be a gentle migration, to help software publishers ensure
their software will work with it. It should be on sale this summer.
It will be preloaded on all machines one year from now.”

OS X will be completely open source, like the popular Linux
operating system, with Quartz, Open GL and QuickTime all built
OS 9 applications will run on OS X with no problems, Steve
promised. There will be a completely new interface called Aqua as
well as a redesigned Finder….”

“Over 100 developers have already committed to OS X without even
seeing it (until now!) Adobe, Microsoft, Macromedia and Quark
representatives have all come on stage to say they are behind OS X.
Rob Burgess, from Macromedia, said that OS X is “not your daddy’s
operating system” and that it’s beautiful.”