MacCentral: Apple Open-Sources Rendezvous, Offers New Darwin Build

“Apple announced today that it is open sourcing its Rendezvous
networking technology. The company hopes that by releasing the
source code to the open source community, it will hasten support
for the technology.

“Rendezvous enables users to create an instant network of
computers without having to assign individual addresses or use
additional servers or other technology. Supported in Mac OS X 10.2,
the technology will ultimately work with printers and other
networkable devices too. Rendezvous itself is based on an existing
open source specification called ZeroConf, and utilizes standard
protocols like IP, ARP and DNS. Third-party developers are catching
on–Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, Philips, Sybase, World
book and Xerox have all announced support for Rendezvous in future


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