MacWEEK: Canvas goes to Linux

“Deneba Software announced Friday that it plans to offer a
free Linux version of Canvas 7, its integrated graphics
The software will work only with Linux releases
designed for Intel hardware, but Deneba left the door open to a
PowerPC version if there is sufficient user demand.”

“Canvas 7, which incorporates image-editing, vector-illustration
and page-layout functions, is currently available in Mac OS and
Windows versions.”

“The company plans to post a free beta version of the Linux
software on its Web site early next month. Deneba did not announce
a ship date for the final version, but marketing director Calvin
Hsu said it will most likely be in two or three months. The company
began porting its software to the open-source operating system late
last year, he said.”

“At present, Hsu said, Deneba has no intention of charging for
the software.”