Marcelo Tosatti: Linux 2.4.26-pre2


Full Changelog


Here goes -pre2 — it contains networking updates, network
drivers updates, an XFS update, amongst others.

Detailed changelog follows

Summary of changes from v2.4.26-pre1 to v2.4.26-pre2


  • Small fix to pm3fb & MAINTAINERS


  • [QLOGIC]: Mark mbox_param[] as static to avoid namespace


  • [CRYPTO]: Add ARC4 module


  • [XFS] Merge missing mount stripe-unit/width-alignment check
    over from IRIX


  • Fix vmalloc() error handling

Chas Williams:

  • [ATM]: [lec] timer cleanup
  • [ATM]: [lec] send queued packets immediately after path

Christoph Hellwig:

  • [XFS] Simplify pagebuf_rele / pagebuf_free
  • [XFS] Stop using sleep_on
  • [XFS] Plug a pagebuf race that got bigger with the recent
  • [XFS] Fix gcc 3.5 compilation for real
  • [XFS] Fix buffer teardown on _pagebuf_lookup_pages failure
  • [XFS] Remove the lockable/not lockable buffer distinction. All
    metada buffers are lockable these days.
  • [XFS] plug a pagebuf leak
  • [XFS] “backport” d_alloc_anon (this time for real)
  • [XFS] Avoid NULL returns from pagebuf_get
  • [XFS] use generic XFS stats and sysctl infrastructure in
  • [XFS] Fix up daemon names
  • [XFS] only lock pagecache pages
  • [XFS] plug race in pagebuf freeing
  • [XFS] kill some dead constants from pagebuf

David S. Miller:

  • [SUNGEM]: At end of RX completion chain, double check OWN bit
    with completion register
  • [IPV4]: Do not return -EAGAIN on blocking UDP socket, noticed
    by Olaf Kirch
  • [NET]: Set default socket rmem/wmem values more sanely and
  • [IPV6]: UDPv6 needs recvmsg csum error path fix too, thanks
  • [SCTP]: Ranem MSECS_TO_JIFFIES to avoid conflict with IRDA
  • [SCTP]: Comment out buggy ipv6 debugging printk
  • [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
  • [SPARC]: Pass a real page into do_mount() a final arg
  • [SPARC]: Update defconfig

David Stevens:

  • [IGMP/MLD]: Verify MSFILTER option length
  • [IGMP/MLD]: Check for numsrc overflow, plus temp buffer

David Woodhouse:

  • [IPV6]: Init ipv6 before ipv4 if built statically into

Dean Roehrich:

  • [XFS] Change DM_SEMFLAG to

Don Fry:

  • 2.4.25 pcnet32.c SLAB_DEBUG length error fix
  • 2.4.25 pcnet32.c transmit hang fix
  • 2.4.25 pcnet32.c wrong vendor ID fix
  • 2.4.25 pcnet32.c oops in rmmod
  • 2.4.25 pcnet32.c bus master arbitration failure fix
  • 2.4.25 pcnet32.c convert to use netif_msg_*
  • 2.4.25 pcnet32.c change to use ethtool_ops
  • pcnet32.c handle failures in open
  • pcnet32.c another diff error fix
  • pcnet32.c non-mii errors with ethtool
  • pcnet32.c add .remove to pci_driver
  • pcnet32.c adds loopback test
  • pcnet32.c avoid transmit hang for 79C791
  • pcnet32 non-mii link state fix

Eric Sandeen:

  • [XFS] Add switches to make xfs compile when the nptl patch is
  • [XFS] Remove some dead debug code
  • [XFS] Make more xfs errors trappable with panic_mask
  • [XFS] zero log buffer during initialization at mount time

François Romieu:

  • [netdrvr r8169] fix TX descriptor overflow

Geert Uytterhoeven:

  • [netdrvr tulip] fix up 21041 media selection

Harald Welte:

  • [NETFILTER]: Kill bogus const in list helpers
  • [NETFILTER]: Fix ECN target cloned skb problem
  • [NETFILTER]: Remove unused structure member in NAT, from
    Patrick McHardy

James Morris:

  • [CRYPTO]: Backport Christophe Saout’s 2.6.x scatterlist code

Jean Delvare:

  • Identify Radeon Ya and Yd in radeonfb

Len Brown:

  • ACPI URL update
  • [ACPI] interrupt over-ride for nforce from Maciej W.
  • [ACPI] delete unnecessary dmesg lines, fix spelling
  • [ACPI] include CONFIG_ACPI_RELAXED_AML code always add
    acpi=strict option to disable platform workarounds
  • [ACPI] ACPICA 20040220 from Bob Moore
  • [ACPI] fix ia64 build error (Bjorn Helgaas)

Marcelo Tosatti:

  • devfs: Fix truncation of mount data as 2.6
  • Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre2

Matthias Andree:

  • [NET]: Export sysctl_optmem_max to modules

Nathan Scott:

  • [XFS] Fix a trivial compiler warning, remove some
    no-longer-used macros
  • [XFS] Use list_move for moving pagebufs between lists, not
  • [XFS] Fix compile warning, ensure _pagebuf_lookup_pages return
    value is inited
  • [XFS] Fix data loss when writing into unwritten extents while
    memory is being reclaimed
  • [XFS] Remove bogus assert I added during testing of previous
    unwritten fix
  • [XFS] Add I/O path tracing code, twas useful in diagnosing that
    last unwritten extent problem
  • [XFS] Use a naming convention here thats more consistent with
    everything else
  • [XFS] Fix BUG in debug trace code, it was plain wrong for the
    unmapped page case
  • [XFS] Fix the by-handle attr list interface (used by xfsdump)
    for security attrs
  • [XFS] Fix length of mount argument path strings, off by
  • [XFS] release i_sem before going into dmapi queues
  • [XFS] Remove PBF_SYNC buffer flag, unused for some time
  • [XFS] Sort out some minor differences between trees
  • [XFS] Fix a compiler warning from a redefined symbol

Shmulik Hen:

  • bonding: Add support for HW accel. slaves
  • bonding: Add VLAN support in TLB mode
  • bonding: Add VLAN support in ALB mode

Simon Barber:

  • [NET]: Capture skb->protocol after invoking bridge

Simon Horman:

  • [JHASH]: Make key arg const in jhash()

Sridhar Samudrala:

  • [SCTP] Fix packed attribute usage
  • [SCTP] Fix NIP6 macro to take a ptr to struct in6_addr
  • [SCTP] Fix incorrect INIT process termination with

Timothy Shimmin:

  • [XFS] Add XFS_FS_GOINGDOWN interface to xfs
  • [XFS] Fix log recovery case when have v2 log with size >32K
    and we have a Log Record wrapping around the physical log end. Need
    to reset the pb size back to what we were using and NOT just
  • [XFS] Version 2 log fixes – remove l_stripemask and add v2 log
    stripe padding to ic_roundoff to cater for pad in reservation
    cursor updates.
  • [XFS] fix up some log debug code for when XFS_LOUD_RECOVERY is
    turned on

Xose Vazquez Perez:

  • more RTL-8139 clone boards
  • more ne2k-pci clone boards

Yasuyuki Kozakai:

  • [IPV6]: Fix frag hdr parsing in ipv6_skip_exthdr()
  • [IPV6]: Fix ip6_tables TCP/UDP matching when ipv6 ext hdr

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