Mesa 13.0.1 to Add Up to 30% Performance Increase for Intel ANV Vulkan Driver

As the headline implies, Mesa 13.0.1 promises a huge number of fixes in the Vulkan drivers, adding an up to 30% performance increase for the Intel Vulkan (ANV) driver, as well as support for distinctly named JSON files that include the full Vulkan driver path for the Radeon Vulkan (RADV) driver, allowing users to use of the driver outside the /usr/lib directory. Apart from the goodies mentioned above, Mesa 13.0.1 3D Graphics Library adds proper advertising of the Xlib platform extension support in the Radeon Vulkan driver, which can be used alongside the Dolphin emulator, implements better handling of Xlib and XCB connections in both Intel and Radeon Vulkan drivers, along with support for advertising the correct versions of the supported extensions.