Midgard Weekly Summary for January 5, 2000 (#27)

Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 18:32:40 +0200 (EET)
From: Henri Bergius [email protected]


This is the first Weekly Summary this year. A lot has happened
since MWS #26 on December 22nd. The world didn’t end, computers
didn’t crash, and work on Midgard continues steadily.

We have both a stable 1.2.x release and an alpha release of
Midgard 2 coming up soon, and there is also much happening around
the documentation effort.

Current versions:
Stable: 1.2.5 (Mad King)
Devel.: 1.3

Midgard 1.2.6 test files available

We decided to still have at least one release for the current
stable branch. Midgard 1.2.6 will wrap up all code updates that
have come up since the release of 1.2.5 last November. It will also
show many usability fixes for the administration tools.

Related to this, Alexander Bokovoy, the author of Russian
Midgard has now been assigned as the maintainer of the stable
branch. This means that his responsibility is to coordinate the
releases in that branch, control the addition of new features and
keep the regular and Russian Midgard packages synchronized.

Alexander is working on adding a tool for cloning hosts and
styles for the Admin site, and the release of Midgard 1.2.6 will
depend on the completion of this feature. However, we expect to
have the release sometime around January 20th.

You can grab the 1.2.6 beta files from Alexander’s site or from
the Midgard CVS repository:


Midgard 2 API frozen

As Midgard 2 nears the first alpha release, Jukka has finally
committed the last API changes to CVS.

This means that people working on additions and language
bindings for Midgard can finally start hacking.

These updates are an almost complete alpha release, only the
installation mechanisms will need fixing before we can have the
test release out. Jukka will try to get things ready for that
sometime next week.

Instructions for using the CVS repository can be found from
Midgard’s site.

-> http://www.midgard-project.org/article/1000.html

Midgard and search engines

Emile has been working on adding search engine support to
Midgard lately.

While normal search engines can easily index the HTML pages
generated by Midgard, the idea here is to enable them to index the
actual Midgard database instead. This would provide site developers
with more flexible approaches to search engine integration and
allow search engines to support Midgard’s access control features

Emile’s current work has been on Udmsearch, to which he has a
Midgard- enabling patch available. If you are interested in testing
this kind of functionality, you can get the patch from Emile’s Web


Midgard Workshop 2 postponed

The second Midgard Workshop, about to take place in Karlskrona,
Sweden has been postponed. The original date planned was January
22nd/23rd, but now it will be held sometime later in the

The reason for postponing the event has been the small amount of
registrations, according to Michael Ed, the arranger of the

We’ll post the new date as soon as it is announced. If you have
any questions about the event, please contact Michael Ed
([email protected]) directly.

Meanwhile, would there be interest in arranging a similar event
elsewhere? I’m sure many Midgard developers would be happy to show

Information on what has been planned for the Workshop in
Karlskrona can be found from Michael’s site:

-> http://www.marlowes.com/

About Midgard

Midgard is a freely-available Web application development and
publishing platform based on the popular PHP scripting language. It
is an Open Source development project, giving you the freedom to
create your solutions in an open environment. Midgard is the tool
for creating, modifying and maintaining dynamic database-enabled
web services.

-> http://www.midgard-project.org

About MWS

The Midgard Weekly Summary is a newsletter for the Midgard user
and developer community.

The MWS is currently being distributed in following mediums:

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Previous issues of Midgard Weekly Summary can be found archived
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