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ONLYOFFICE 7.0 Brings Online Forms and Big Updates for All Editors

Fillable forms, password protection, and version history in spreadsheets are just some of the new features in this ONLYOFFICE 7.0 release. Learn more here.

How to Install OpenLiteSpeed Web Server on Rocky Linux 8

OpenLiteSpeed is a fast open-source web server application that comes with a built-in fast PHP module. This guide will show you how to install and configure OpenLiteSpeed on Rocky Linux 8 and CentOS 8.

Deepin 20.4 Released with Updated Kernels, Installer Improvements

Deepin 20.4 is here almost two months after Deepin 20.3 and brings updated kernels and various other improvements. Learn more here.

Open Source Security at the White House

Companies and developers, open-source organizations, and government agencies gather together to lock down and secure the software supply chain.

New Linux Kernel Vulnerability Patched in All Supported Ubuntu Systems, Update Now

Discovered by William Liu and Jamie Hill-Daniel, the new security flaw (CVE-2022-0185) is an integer underflow vulnerability found in Linux kernel’s file system context functionality, which could allow an attacker to crash the system or run programs as an administrator. The security vulnerability affects all supported Ubuntu releases, including Ubuntu...

Omicron Storm Cancels In-person ‘Spacewalk’ Event – Online Version Rescheduled

The current Omicron spike has forced organizers at All Things Open to make their first-of-the-year Spacewalk event online only and reschedule it for January 25, 2022.

Open Invention Network Expands Linux Patent Protection

The OIN brings its patent protection to numerous new open-source programs and components.

OpenBoard: An Interactive Open Source Whiteboard for Educators

OpenBoard is an interactive open source whiteboard for educators, schools, and universities. Learn more here.

How to Scrape Web Pages from the Command Line Using htmlq

Web scraping is the process of analyzing the structure of HTML pages and programmatically extracting data. Learn how to scrape web pages from the command line using htmlq here.

How to Install and Manage Fonts in Linux

Fonts are a really important part of the user experience. On the most commonly used Linux-based distributions, there are many packaged fonts that can be installed using the native package manager. Sometimes, however, we may want to install fonts manually. In this tutorial, learn how to install and manage...

What is Void Linux and How to Install It

Void Linux is a lightweight and innovative Linux distribution for Power Users. Learn what makes it different and how to install it on your PC.

Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to IBM SPSS

IBM SPSS Statistics is a statistical software suite for data management and advanced analytics. What are open source alternatives to IBM SPSS?

How to Install Rust Programming Language on Ubuntu 20.04

This tutorial shows how to install and use Rust programming language on an Ubuntu 20.04 system by using the Rustup installation script.

How to Install MySQL Workbench in Ubuntu 20.04

MySQL Workbench assists with many database administration goals. Learn how to install MySQL Workbench in Ubuntu 20.04 here.

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