Migrate your Linux application to the Amazon cloud, Part 4: Conquering administrative challenges

“Summary: Up to now, you have moved your application to the
cloud and can enable and disable resources automatically in
response to demand. In this article, the fourth in a series on
migrating a Linux application to the Amazon cloud, learn how to
keep this changing environment under control so that it supports
your application and business.

“You migrated the SmallPayroll.ca application to the Amazon
cloud in part 1 of this series and made it more robust in part 2.
The application can even add and remove servers on its own,
depending on load, as you saw in Part 3. It’s now likely that at
any given time, the numbers and IP addresses of the active servers
cannot be predicted, which makes connecting to them a challenge. As
a result, the cloud environment is different from a traditional
data center.

“The dynamic nature of the cloud also makes application
deployment difficult. Your list of servers will be different
between deployments, so how do you update the application? For that
matter, how do you monitor your servers for faults?”

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