Mining.co: Polishing KDE: It’s Pre-1.1!

This is a very nicely written article with some great KDE
screenshots. Anyone interested in KDE should read this one.

“The pre-1.1 release streamlines KDE and makes it a really
mature environment, ready for work. New configuration options are

“The Disk Navigator turns out to be a configurable, graphical
method for browsing the Linux filesystem, and one of the most
ingenious I’ve seen…”

“Two new configuration panels resolve many past complaints about
the KWM window manager.”

“… ‘Apply style to non-KDE apps.’ Seems innocuous enough, but
this little checkbox has the miraculous effect of applying KDE
color styles to non-KDE applications.”

“… the KDE 1.1 release adds maturity and polish to the already
excellent KDE 1.0, keeping KDE solidly on the map as a competitor
to GNOME. Given the accelerating evolution of GNOME, it is probably
safe to say that we are entering the year of the mature desktop in
Linux. It’s a welcome change.”


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