-mm Instability

“Following Andrew Morton’s recent comment, ‘this just isn’t
working any more,’ Miles Lane asked, ‘what can be done to reduce
the huge number of build fixes required to release an MM tree?’
Andrew jokingly replied, ‘my mind turns to cattle prods.’ Regarding
the suggestion that he could publicly list the offenders he
quipped, ‘I could name names, but it would look like ‘grep @
MAINTAINERS’ ;))’ He continued to say, ‘I don’t think much can be
done about it, really,’ going on to explain:

“‘See, what I do is to merge probably hundreds of patches into
the -mm-only part of the tree and then, after a few days, get down
and compile-test it all, then fix it, then runtime test it all,
then fix that. Because it is vastly more efficient to do all this
work against hundreds of patches than it is to do it against one
patch at a time, no…?'”


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