monolinux: Peering Into Lindows – The Disturbing Facts (Part 1)

“In case you have been living under a rock, Lindows is the Linux
distribution of the moment that has everyone talking. It’s simply a
typical Linux distribution, but comes with a built-in, enhanced
WINE application. Lindows is being hailed as the answer to the
popular “Is Linux ready for the desktop?” question. However, aside
from whatever work the company is doing on their operating system,
they also have lawyers defending them against Microsoft, who’s
suing them for trademark violation.

Lindows has garnered more than few column inches in on
technology sites. Writers generally tend to portray the company as
David fighting Microsoft’s goliath.

“As of this moment, however, Lindows has failed to really
deliver anything except for hype. An examination of the facts at
hand poses some interesting questions…”


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