MozillaZine: Mozilla Foundation Open Letter Orders Unofficial Moz. Merchandise Sellers to Stop…

“We note that you are selling Mozilla-branded merchandise in
your web shop/fashion house/bazaar stall (delete as appropriate.)
While we are pleased that you want to support Mozilla in this way,
the Mozilla Foundation enforces its trademarks and requires
permission to sell merchandise that includes our artwork or

“The Mozilla project uses Mozilla, Firefox, the fox-on-the-globe
and other names and logos to brand its products and goods. We like
to think that it’s a mark of quality. (That’s not to say that what
you’re selling is necessarily poor quality; we make no claims
either way.) We’d like to be certain that what’s being sold with
our logos on is the good stuff. And (let’s be honest here) it’s
only fair that we get a cut, to contribute towards keeping the
Foundation going…”


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