mozillaZine: The Mozilla Battle Cry: Interview with Chris Hofmann

There’s been a lot of mainstream press lately indicating
that the browser war has long been over with Microsoft Internet
Explorer emerging as the victor over Netscape Communicator after a
long drawn out battle.

“ZDNet recently asked the question, ” Has Communicator lost the
browser war?” and an older News.com article points out that the
development of open source Mozilla has largely been a failure
because “the lion’s share of the Mozilla work is still done by
Netscape/AOL engineers.” A recent Slashdot.org feature article
suggests(somewhat ludicrousy IMO) that because Netscape is such a
terrible browser, the Linux operating system will never become
mainstream(I didn’t know that was the goal of Linux in the first
place?) and lose ‘the war’, to IE and therefore Windows.”

“They, as well as the rest of the naysayers, are all wrong.
Mozilla won’t fail because lack of outside developers, Linux won’t
lose momentum because Netscape 4.x crashes, nor will one browser
will ever dominate the Web like the mid 90’s Netscape did. Web
Developers(us) will never start designing sites that only cater to
one browser as the ZDNet article suggests. Think about it, what
e-commerce site will stop taking your money untill you use IE?
Sounds crazy right? Exactly.”


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