MSNBC: Corel Linux for your desktop

[ Thanks to Godehard Bruntrup for
this link. ]

“My complaint has always been that a wider acceptance of Linux
would have to wait until Linux was easy to install, configure and
use on the desktop. Easy, that is, compared to Windows and Mac OSs.
Many Linux distribution companies have gone to great lengths to do
just that, with varying results. But until I tried Corel’s first
try at Linux, I thought we still had a long way to go.”

“COREL LINUX is terrific. Not perfect, but terrific. If
you’ve been waiting to try Linux on your home computer, you’ve now
run out of excuses.”

“I’ve been living with Corel on my computers for more than a
month and I still find myself marveling at how easy it is to get
used to this OS distribution. I also know why other writers and
reviews are giving Corel’s Linux top marks.”