mystBurn 1.1.2-76 stand-alone released

Nicolas Hayden

mburn 1.1.2-76

the new mystBurn is avalaible for all registered live!CD v1.2.5
( Novermber 98 ) or newer user. for other user there is an 30day
demo out now.

CD-Recording Program that support bootable CD, Multisession,
Rock Ridge, Iso9660, direct copy’s and all Mac-Format’s and much


  1. NO external tools like cdrecord needed.
  2. “on-fly”-writing of bootable CDs ( no first make ISO-Image
    needed ).
  3. “on-Fly”-writing of TAR-Backups on one or more CDs .First CD of
    Backupset is bootable from here you can install your HDs and write
    the Backup back.
  4. Multiwindow-Mode
  5. error-free writing von 2 or more CDs at one time
  6. Windows95/98 is avalaible to now.

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best regards