mystBurn 1.1.2-80 stable with dvd-recording is out

Nicolas Hayden

CD-Recording program that support bootable CD, Multisession,
Rock Ridge, Iso9660, Audio-CD, direct copy’s and all Mac-Format’s
dvd-recording and many more. you can make tar backupsets on one or
more CDs on fly.

needed by this tool : >= gtk 1.2
                      >= gclib 2.1.1 ( libc.so.6 )

No need of any external tool like cdrecord, mystBurn make’s all
alone with no need of external Tools.

When someone write comments mystBurn is a rip of gcombust don’t
belive it and read the comment about this theme on the

mystBurn ( commercial ) and Snapshots are avalaible on the

best regards
Nicolas Hayden ( 2nd manager of mystiQue-data )