Nessus 990201 released

“The Nessus project aims to provide the internet community a
free, open-sourced and easy-to-use security auditing tool. The
Nessus project was started by Renaud Deraison and the first version
was released to the public on the 4th April 1998.”

“Nessus is free because most societies/universities practically
ignore their network security issues out of fear that it would cost
too much to fix. They don’t know if it would be worth paying a
security expert to audit their network. By not paying attention to
security, those societies/universities are subject to the actions
of darkside hackers, and the results are usually quite

“Nessus is open-sourced primarily because such a sensitive
program could be suspected to be a Trojan horse and to promote
volunteer efforts at improving and adding features.”

“Nessus is easy-to-use because computer security is not an easy
thing. Thus, the Nessus project provides a simple interface which
clearly highlights the security holes.”

Features of this release:

  • over 180 security checks
  • ciphered layer between the client and the server
  • GTK 1.1 compatibility for the Unix client
  • numerous bugs checks.

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