Network World: Lotus thin client suite [eSuite] declared dead

“Rumors of the death of Lotus’ eSuite desktop software line
proved true as the company yesterday confirmed it has pulled the
plug on marketing and development.”

“The line was released with a splash 1997. It was designed for
the network-computing model, which has users of desktop PCs or
network computers accessing servers to download applets for desktop
machines as needed. … Dramatic drops in the prices of PCs seem to
have derailed the market for network computing, which many users
resisted because they want to have software on their desktops.”

“While marketing and development for the line will end,
Lotus will release eSuite Workplace 2.0 by the end of next
month and will continue to support the product line for existing
customers until January 2001
… Workplace offers access to
e-mail, Web browsing, file management and business productivity
applets, including a word processor, calendar, address book and
spread sheet.”

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