NetworkWorld: Caldera gives Linux admins what they want [Cosmos]

“Caldera raised a few eyebrows and even more questions when it
earlier this month acquired the Unix operating system business of
the Santa Cruz Operation. However, the company still knows what
Linux network administrators need these days: powerful, centralized
Linux server management applications.”

“Caldera demonstrated its Cosmos Linux management product at
LinuxWorld this month, providing Linux system managers with a
Web-based tool for managing any number of Linux servers on a
network. Cosmos runs on any flavor of Linux that supports the RPM
3.x software installation standard for installing Linux RPM

“The key to Cosmos is its policy-based management
technology. This allows network administrators to establish
parameters and configurations for Linux servers only once.

Once established, settings can be applied to Linux servers
across the entire network, rather than configuring servers box by