NetworkWorld: Debate will focus on Linux vs. Linux

“Attendees at next month’s LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
will get a chance to compare the Linux offerings and business
strategies of five different vendors
… Representatives from
the companies – Caldera, SuSE, TurboLinux, VA Linux and Walnut
Creek CDROM – will attempt to highlight what separates them from
the pack as well as poke holes in their competitors’ offerings and

Red Hat, the leader in Linux market share, has
declined to participate. ‘We think this distribution vs.
distribution showdown format is counter-productive to the Linux
community,’ a spokesperson says. ‘Instead of clarifying anything,
it will only serve to confuse.’ “

“Bruce Perens, an open source software pioneer and president of
Linux Capital Group in Berkeley, Calif., says that not all Linux
packages are entirely open source. He’d like to hear the vendors
explain what is and what isn’t open source in their distributions.
He’d also like to hear the vendors comment on how they are giving
back to the open source community. As an example, he points to VA
Linux providing Web hosting for open source projects.”

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