New Linux distribution aims for the desktop user

German company eIT (easy Information Technology) will officially
release beta of easyLinux on February 10.

From the EIT Web site:

“Why another distribution?”

“Until today Linux had the reputation to be a system which is
difficult to install, without knowledge of Unix an installation was
often condemned to fail.”

“We are taking another approach…”

“… development shows that the future of Linux is KDE… our
aim is a fast and easy installation of the KDE desktop. If you want
to use other desktops… you should use other distributions.

“Our distribution does not concentrate on Unix gurus who want to
work with a text based console, try a lot of window managers or put
Linux to the acid test. We concentrate on those users who want to
apply Linux as a desktop workstation or as a PC…”

“… easyLinux is strongly restricted to specific tools and
programs, to protect the beginner… On the CD, only source code
will be delivered that is really necessary (e.g. kernel source
code), the rest can be ordered for a small copy duty or it can be
downloaded from our ftp server.”

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