New Red Hat RPMS for KDE 1.1 available

Dear KDE Enthusiasts,

thanks to the excellent work of the KDE Packager Team I am proud
to announce the availability of new improved binary RPM packages
for RedHat at


They will be firstly available from


currently available:

  • RedHat 5.1/5.2 for i386 and alpha architectures. (“rh5x”
  • RedHat 5.0 (compiled with egcs) for i386 (“rh50egcs” rpms)
  • RedHat 4.2 for i386 (“rh42” rpms)

Installation problems with the initial KDE-1.1 “rh5x” i386 rpms
have been corrected.

KDE optional applications are available as indidividual RPM
packages, but can also be found in one large “kde-applications-1.1”
RPM package (~9MB) which is just an outer container for the
individual RPM’s. This format may be more convenient for some

Revised installation scripts and docs are provided by a new

The other packages are:
kdesupport, kdelibs, kdebase, kde-applications.

All packages except kde-installer are relocatable (can be
installed to locations other than /opt/kde , if desired.). This
option is offered by the installation script.

Please send failure/success messages to [email protected]

— martin