New release of the GNOME file manager

Miguel de Icaza writes:


Version 4.5.21 of the GNOME file manager has been released. Only
bug fixes this time.

* Where



* What is new

Here is a list of the bugs fixed and the new features in

– I changed the version number 🙂

– Icons changing randomly bug has been fixed. Reminder to
hackers: const is a useful tool.

– Desktop devices are fixed (various different bugs were
reported about this, in various shapes, they were all caused
because I had forgotten readlink semantics). Fixed.

– More artwork from Tigert is included.

– New global file: $prefix/etc/mc.global.

You can use this file to configure the directories that gmc
should *not* scan and should *not* even try to scan.

We already had support for various popular formats, now a
sysadmin can configure this for all the users on the system.