News from the GIMP 2.8 development!

“First off, no, there is no news on a release date of GIMP 2.8.
It is still unclear when GIMP 2.8 will be released, maybe it is
somewhen in Q1 2011, but it could be later also, we don’t think it
gets out in 2010 anymore though.

“While waiting we took a new look at the development which
brings cool new functions into GIMP! We also updated our big
Feature-Preview of GIMP 2.8 with new pictures (especially look at
steps 4,10,11,12 and 24)

“A short preview:

* The text tool is capable of coloring single words and
characters inside a text now! Wow, I’ve been waiting for this long
time and that alone would have been worth a news ;)”

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