News Straight From ApacheCon — Apache 2.0 Alpha Released

By Paul Ferris
Editor, Linux Today

If Linux version 2.4 is the Mindcraft release of Linux, then
Apache 2.0 is the beginnings of the same thing, only for web

Apache 2.0 will incorporate better threading, allowing machines
that support threads to answer multiple server requests without
spawning costly sub-processes. This, along with a host of other
enhancements make Apache 2.0 a platform for scalability in the
future of Web serving.

Currently, the stability, portability and scalability of Apache
is down right frightening. I predict that the traditions will
continue with Apache 2.0.

Manoj Kasichainula of the Apache Software Foundation and
Collab.Net says, “Apache 2.0 will add a lot of the features that
people have been demanding yet at the same time keep the stability
and flexibility that people have cherished over the years.”

Ryan Bloom of the Apache Software Foundation and Covalent
Technologies added that “Apache 2.0 uses the Apache Portable
Runtime (APR) to improve performance on Windows as well adding
support for BeOS and other platforms not supported by 1.3 (that
will surprise you). You can use the 2.0 alpha to implement your own
protocols in Apache’s robust structure.”

Apache is an open source web server solution which currently
powers over 58 percent of the web and growing according to netcraft. It’s cost (free)
and it’s installed base (over 6 and 1/2 million customers and
growing) make it a testament to the power of open source

Given the fact that there have been literally no marketing
dollars spent pushing the product, these figures are down right

The development of Apache 2.0 signals a new era of
unbelievability: Likely you won’t be able to buy web server
software this good anywhere. Curious? Visit the apache home page and download
your very own copy of Apache 2.0 today.