NewsBytes: LinuxWorld Kick-Offs Today

“The first LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Jose kicks off
today and runs through Thursday. Some observers think the show may
as important a springboard for change as the Comdex and Internet
World shows were for PC and Internet technology in their early
days.Certainly Linux has left the fringe and moved toward center
stage in the past year. So many announcements are now expected
during the LinuxWorld show that several firms, including giants
Hewlett-Packard Co., Sun Microsystems and Silicon Graphics,
released Linux-related announcements early in order, according to
one Newsbytes source, to avoid getting lost in the rush.”

“Microsoft may feel a bit beleaguered, what with all the hype
about Linux coinciding with serious troubles heaped upon it by the
US government. But the Redmond giant is far from fighting for its

“According to the January tally of market watcher PC Data, the
Windows 98 Upgrade package kept its top position, unchanged from
December. Microsoft Plus 98 came in fourth and the full Windows 98
package held fifteenth place among all business software, based on
forty-two retail chains representing more than 80 percent of the US

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