NewsForge: Chumby CEO Looks Forward to Hacker Input

“Most CEOs would faint dead away if you said you’d taken a
prototype of their new electronic device, ripped off the housing,
reconfigured its innards, hacked your way through its code, and
then sewn the whole thing into the stomach of a Teletubby doll.
Steve Tomlin would shake your hand and say thanks.

“Tomlin is CEO of Chumby Industries, creators of chumby, a small
tabletop device, not much bigger than a coffee mug, that connects
wirelessly to the Web and uses a collection of widgets to gather
information. With it, you can keep abreast of traffic and weather
in your hometown, breaking news headlines, stock quotes, and video
feeds. Set it to connect to your Flickr account and chumby will
show you a constantly rotating selection of photos. It can also
play streaming music and receive instant messages…”

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