NewsForge: ISVs Turn to LSB to Foil Linux Forking

“What may be more important than the biggest companies
supporting and complying with the Linux Standard Base (LSB)
2.0–all of the major Linux distribution vendors including Red Hat,
HP, Novell, IBM, Mandrakesoft, Turbolinux, as well as hardware
companies Dell and Intel–is the many smaller but still significant
companies that are needed to develop applications for the standard
Linux operating system for distributors.

“The good news is that getting those ISVs to offer their ideas
and do their part to make LSB relevant and useful is not too hard,
according to Free Standards Group executive director Jim Zemlin,
whose nonprofit group is behind the LSB…”


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[A good comprehensive article on the background of the LSB,
also posted today. -BKP]

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