NewsForge: Linux for everyone: accessibility choices

“When it comes to computer systems for persons with physical
disabilities, Linux has something of an image problem. It’s usually
not a first choice — most of the time, it’s not even considered as
a distant last resort. Naturally, the Open Source community is
working hard to change this perception problem.”

“In part, the problem is one of numbers: Closed-source operating
systems like Windows tend to have more accessibility options
available, including commercial software that can be found at the
local computer store. Look closer, and you’ll discover that much of
what’s available has a very narrow focus, designed to perform
specific tasks.”

“There are fewer programs available for Linux users with
disabilities, but as any Open Source proponent would point out,
much of it is freely available, highly configurable to meet
individual needs, and in many cases, extensible to meet needs that
its developers may not have predicted. In other words, it’s a
matter of quantity vs. quality.”

“What accessibility solutions are out there, and what’s looming
over the horizon?”


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