NewsForge: Review: Lindows 2.0 Has Beautiful Skin, Iffy Personality

“Lindows 2.0 looks cool, I have to admit. The company has
stopped aping KDE and gotten a desktop look that is more its own.
Lindows has made scant concessions to the knowledgeable, allowing
for a somewhat more advanced setup configuration. I’m still
concerned for the newbies, though.

“The latest release of Lindows recognized all the hardware on an
eMachine T1090 and an IBM ThinkPad T20. (Though the sound card
wouldn’t work on the T20–not surprising because it won’t work on
any other distribution I’ve tried.) It installed so quickly I was
worried something had gone wrong, especially considering it asks
for one whole gigabyte of hard drive space. It took less than five
minutes to install, compared to 15 or 20 minutes for a medium-sized
installation of Mandrake.

“Because Lindows is marketed to the disgruntled Windows user, I
figured I’d try to do it justice and install it on a Windows ME


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