NewsForge: The Men Behind ettercapNG

“In 2001 two Italians released the first beta version of
ettercap, a network protocol analyzer. This summer they released
ettercapNG, which was completely rewritten from scratch with
better, modular code, making it easier to add new features and
write and submit patches. Ettercap is now covered in most security
books. It’s number 9 in the Top 75 Security Tools list of the Nmap
Hackers mailing list. NewsForge recently caught up with its
authors, Alberto Ornaghi (a.k.a. ALoR) and Marco Valleri (a.k.a.
NaGA). Each is 26 years old, and they work as security consultants
for two different company in Milan.

NewsForge: How did your interest in network
security started?

ALoR and NaGA: We were studying for a
university exam on networking, and we noticed that network security
was more fun than differential equations…”