NewsForge: Why JCP 2.6 May Placate Disenchanted Community Members–For Awhile

“Fifteen months ago, I wrote in a Builder.com article that the
Java Community Process (JCP) was either going to have to make its
movements more transparent to the community at large and steer
clear of political potholes or risk becoming an albatross of epic
proportions. In June, JCP leaders were asked at a JavaOne panel
discussion if change was indeed in the offing. They said yes, but
couldn’t be specific about how much change was coming. Now, at
last, the community is actually seeing some progress.

“The JCP, the only community IT organization that uses version
numbers for its rulebook, last week announced JCP 2.6, which
includes provisions for making the process from idea to product
delivery much more community-minded.

“Sun Microsystems, the gatekeeper for Java and home of the JCP
program office, called JCP 2.6 ‘the most transparent and accessible
iteration in the program’s evolution to date. The process
enhancements give earlier access to draft specifications to a
broader group of developers and add more value at each level of
participation. This makes it easier and more rewarding for
developers to get involved in the Java technology standards
definition process…'”

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