NY Times: Netscape Is Striking Back With Version 6.0

“There is little chance that Netscape can recapture the desktop
browser market from Microsoft, given that Internet Explorer is very
good, is free and comes with almost every new PC. But Netscape and
AOL are betting that the future of computing resides on the Web,
not the desktop, and they have made the new browser so that it can
run on everything from cell phones to small Internet

Version 6.0 is spunky, and it streamlines the display of
Web pages, which is what browsers are supposed to do. It was
rebuilt from the ground up using an open-source Web-page rendering
engine called Gecko — named after a small, fast lizard — and it
is much more nimble than its immediate predecessor
, Netscape
4.7. (Netscape had to skip Version 5.0 and go directly to 6.0
because Microsoft is getting ready to release Internet Explorer
5.5, and Netscape wanted to seize the high ground, numerically

“Remember, this is prerelease software, which means that there
are lots of known bugs in the code. The test version I’ve been
using behaved pretty well most of the time, but there were
occasional flurries of “blue screen of death” Windows errors that
were probably a result of shaky code.”

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