NY Times:Calling In Experts to Fix Microsoft if It’s Broken

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“For four months, in a Federal courtroom in Washington, the
Government has relentlessly portrayed the Microsoft Corporation as
a bullying monopolist. Now, as the antitrust trial enters the home
stretch, the Government is moving beyond accusations to try to
figure out how to curb the software giant without crippling it.

The Justice Department and 19 states suing Microsoft — advised
by a small group of economists, business school and law professors
— are scrambling to devise a set of remedial steps to recommend to
the court if the Government wins the case. Most legal experts who
have followed the trial expect that Microsoft will be found to have
violated antitrust laws.

No decision has been reached on a preferred remedy, according to
people involved in the effort. But the suggested steps, they say,
fall broadly into two groups. One set of advisers is pushing for
more radical, “structural” remedies — breaking up Microsoft or
forcing it to license the software code for its industry-standard
Windows operating system.”

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