OfB.biz: A Talk About Qt 3.3

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Trolltech’s Qt development toolkit is serious stuff. As the
foundation of KDE on the GNU/Linux desktop as well as its usage as
a popular environment (when matched with Trolltech’s Qtopia) for
PDA interfaces, not to mention great support for Mac OS X, it is
hard to imagine any tool that offers a comparably serious cross
platform solution. With the third major release of the Qt 3 series
last Wednesday, Trolltech CEO Haavard Nord graciously took some
time to talk with us about Qt and related topics.

“With 2003 ushering in the era of 64-bit desktop computing, it
was certainly time for a 64-bit development platform, and Trolltech
has filled that need. Qt 3.3 offers full 64-bit support on all
supported platforms. So, yes, your application compiled with Qt 3.3
will be able to enjoy the benefits of 64-bit processors on not only
AMD64 processors running Windows or GNU/Linux, but also the PowerPC
G5 running Mac OS X or LinuxPPC (Yellow Dog is presently beta
testing 64-bit G5 PPC support).

“Nord emphasized his enthusiasm for this functionality, ‘we are
very happy to support this,’ he noted. That’s nice, but is anyone
already using it? The answer is yes, according to Nord. He then
pointed out that an electronics firm that is a Trolltech customer
is already using it for intensive engineering work on chip designs.
Nord continued, ‘They are dealing with layers and layers of data,’
and thus are already really benefiting from 64-bit power…”

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