.. one more last -rc after all – Linux 4.2 RC8

So 4.2-rc8 is out, and that obviously means that I ended up deciding
to chicken out after all, and delay the 4.2 release one week.

It's not like there are any real outstanding issues, and I waffled
between just doing the release and doing another -rc. But we did have
another low-level x86 issue come up this week, and together with the
fact that a number of people are on vacation, I decided that waiting
an extra week isn't going to hurt. But it was close. It's a fairly
small rc8, and I really feel like it could have gone either way.

So rc8 isn't a big rc, and most of it is actually some last-minute
reverts for stuff that just wasn't quite ready. Mostly drivers, with
some networking, an x86 fix, and a smattering of perf tooling fixes.
The shortlog gives an overview of the details.