ONLamp: Microsoft Should Release Windows 98 SE as Open Source

“I had an interesting situation the other day. My old 300MHz
Celeron based IBM ThinkPad 240 notebook (a great little 2.2 lbs.
sub-notebook) spends most of its time just lying around. I have
newer notebooks in the home and office. But, none of them are in
the size/weight class of the old ThinkPad. So, I still carry it for
personal trips just to offload digital photos on the hard disk. The
problem was I split it into 2GB and 4GB partitions and the 2GB
partition for Windows had gotten full. So, I reformated it as a
single 6GB partition. I gave some thought to installing Ubuntu
Linux or some other interesting Linux distro but the 240 can’t boot
from a USB CD-ROM drive. I could have carved a small DOS partition
to load a distro into and then boot from a Linux boot