Oracle kicks LibreOffice supporters out of OpenOffice

[ Thanks to Steven J.
for this link. ]

“Well, that didn’t take long. When The Document
Foundation created LibreOffice from OpenOffice’s code, they let the
door open for Oracle, OpenOffice’s main stake-owner, to join them.
Oracle reply was to tell anyone involved with LibreOffice to get
the heck out of OpenOffice.

“This isn’t too much of a surprise. Oracle made it clear that
wouldn’t be joining with The Document Foundation on working on

“What I did find surprising is that Oracle turned a fork into a
fight. In a regularly schedule OpenOffice.org community council
meeting on October 14th, council chair and Oracle employee Louis
Saurez-Potts wrote, “I would like to propose that the TDF (The
Document Foundation) members of the CC consider the points those of
us who have not joined TDF have made about conflict of interest and
confusion.” Therefore, “I would further ask them to resign their
offices, so as to remove the apparent conflict of interest their
current representational roles produce.””

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