OSNews: Linux, And the Path to the Desktop

“Most of what I have seen in terms of Linux on the desktop, is
the rough guide to removing an OS, with a view to replacing with
Linux/Other OS or duel booting a box, and running the system. There
is really no coverage in the areas I am about to mention, and
perhaps it is overlooked by many. But it is very key to how
successful Linux will actually be in the longer term. In a moment I
will provide a kind of rough overview about how companies handle
Windows, and installation and rollout of Windows, both to user and
customer. This is a vital element which I think has been overlooked
and from a business point of view, I think its one of the reasons
people set aside the plus points of Linux and stay with

“Lets start with the suppliers. Lets see how the industry works
currently. You have the dominant player in the market.

“You have the people who provide the systems. Dell, HP, OEM,


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